#ThisisAgriculture: Reminding Us How Exciting Ag Is

#ThisisAgriculture: Reminding Us How Exciting Ag Is

Yesterday, Farmers Guardian released an amazing promo, showcasing the wide range of exciting opportunities that exist within the agriculture industry.

#ThisisAgriculture was a beauty and below we pick out some key takeaways that exemplify how adaptive and attractive the industry truly is.


Throughout the video, the message was driven home that agriculture is all about STEM (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering). Nearly every clip referenced one of these disciplines and this just goes to show how the ag industry is capitalising on the move to promote the importance and take-up of these skills. Engineering, genetics and veterinary science all featured prominently, as well as plenty of cross-over with software design and other forms of AgriTech.


This leads us nicely on to one of the most booming elements of the ag sector and a key inclusion in the video: AgriTech. This area is taking off massively around the world and the UK is emerging as one of, if not the, key leader. What with groups such as the Small Robot Company revolutionising robotics and the James Hutton Institute creating the world’s largest vertical farm in Edinburgh, the possibilities facing young people or career changers in this area are huge. The Agriculture Conference 2019 has a whole stream dedicated to AgriTech, covering the above as well as best-practice case studies and topics such as hydroponics (also featured in the video).


We can’t talk about ag without eventually touching upon the moving and shaking happening around Westminster currently. Brexit and the new Agriculture Bill is set to usher in some form of overhaul for the industry and whether that will be good or bad…it’s an understatement to say “Opinions are divided”. One thing we can say with certainty is that the FG rightfully highlights the need for agriculture to have a strong voice in Parliament, as it’s one of the industries with the greatest propensity to adapt – not to mention the vital impact it has on the nation’s economy. The Agriculture Conference will be focussing heavily on this, with involvement from all the key players: Defra, DfID, the NFU, AHDB and the APPG on Agriculture and Food for Development – to name but a few.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

All in all, the video was a huge success and did an excellent job in highlighting just how diverse the opportunities are for those entering the agriculture industry, how adaptive the sector is for those already in the industry and how important it is for ag to maintain its priority status in current political spheres. A great job by Farmers Guardian.

To see how we too are reflecting this exciting and important time in ag policy, make sure to navigate your way around the Agriculture Conference website and Twitter pages below. The Early Bird discount is still in force, so sign-up sooner, rather than later, to save on your registration. We look forward to seeing you there.

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